FN PRINTS: we are a couple of gypsy souled travel and photography junkies. 

Jamal my talented photographer husband and my explorer self, Liz.

Jamal, the pro photographer, has a wonderful eye for capturing the most beautiful moments of life and some pretty epic landscapes and cityscapes. Encompassing the larger scenes, bigger pictures and composing the most gorgeous of moments.

Whereas I, the amateur photographer and never one to be or do the "norm", always find my eye & camera drawn to the wonder of the finer details. I am in awe of the intricacies, lines and patterns this our world has to offer. I am in amazement of the abstract and love to try to capture these smaller frames and moments.

From our base in Dubai, United Arab Emirates we flit as frequently as possible aiming to explore and experience as much of this wondrous planet as possible!

As we travel the world and explore we capture our experiences and moments so that we can share these moments in print and on canvas with you to adorn your walls.

We always aim to take the off the beaten track paths and explore the lesser know and less touristic areas of each place we visit.

Our aim is to offer an extensive and unique collection of works for you to choose from.

We offer various customization options for each piece to suit you individual requirements.

We also write about our travel experiences on our blog, offering tips and advice for fellow travellers.